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Our Mission

The Regal American mission is to provide home loans to our clients while providing them with the lowest interest rates and closing costs possible, pledging to help our clients overcome roadblocks they may experience during the loan process.

Let's be real  - the world of mortgage lending is cold and boring. Worse, it can be intimidating and ambiguous, with what seems like a lot of unknowns and a lot of opportunities to get locked into something expensive and scary. Dan wanted to change that, making the lending experience what it should be: guided, warm, and frankly...exciting! Owning a home is a privilege that many don't take advantage of, and it's not as out of reach as many think. Not to mention low rates and lending programs that so many could enjoy if they only knew where to look. So he started Regal American Mortgage, to offer a regal experience with attention to detail and support, to any and every American.

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