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Covid 19 Response

The team at Regal American Mortgage / DRL Capital has been hard at work throughout the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic. With that, we have been extra vigilant with a majority of our employees working remotely business hours and beyond, as we always have as part of our loyalty to you and prioritization of your loan. While we and the rest of the mortgage industry have experienced relative delays, we promise to be thorough and consistent in our communication with you throughout the loan process. We appreciate your patience and understanding and as always will be with you every step of the way. Those of us in the office practice social distancing, wear masks, and are frequently tested. We stay up to date with local and federal pandemic mandates daily. We've included a link to the most current and updated CDC Guidelines below.
We encourage you to stay updated on local and federal guidelines here.
Stay safe and healthy,
The Team at Regal American Mortgage
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